Ubale Brothers Industries Pvt Ltd

Ubale Retails

UBALE RETAILS provides Value retailing, ensuring the convenience of shopping with multiplicity of choice, under one roof having efficient infrastructure and skilled manpower. we are serve products like vegetables, fruits, milk and milk products, bakery products and many more.....


Ubale Agro

UBALE AGRO aims to serve the community providing the farm fresh and natural quality of the pulses, cereals, dry fruits, and Soya products cultivated at our own farms. This is how we can assure the better quality and nutritional values of all products which is also one of the key objectives.


Ubale Infra

Since years, UBALE INFRASTRUCTURE is creating the world where dreams are realized and lives are positively impacted. UBALE INFRA has been executing Government plans like developing water sources for ethnic & tribal groups, rural developments, bridges and many more.


Ubale Realty

UBALE REALTY is offering high quality and satisfactory commercial and residential properties with green and sophisticated living. Every project at UBALE REALTY considers the comfort level of the standard living for everyone, who are looking for best deal.


Ubale Dairy

UBALE DAIRY makes the best quality milk and milk products available to the community and all its products directly to market. High-nutrient homogenized & pasteurized milk like USRA and CYRA is one of main products of the DAIRY.

Our Brands

To Know More About Ubale Brothers


State-of-the-art Retail Mall for Fruits & Vegetables, Staples, International Foods, Ready-to-eat & Ready-to-cook, Dairy, Bakery and Frozen Products, with quick home delivery services.


Usra, The Nutrients Protected Cow Milk for the consumers who wants complete nutrients from the entire glass of milk. Available only at the Leafy Express Stores across Pune.


The Glass of Strength.... Homogenized & Pasteurized Cow Milk with the most hygienic processing, offering all essential nutrients and required SNF content. Available at all retail stores.